No, Darryl! You can’t come home with me!

One part of my weekly ritual is to have my breakfast in a local nature preserve while I enjoy the view of the lake, the various raptors soaring, catching fish, and the squirrels being, squirrely. This morning, since the temperature was nice, I had my window down. I was enjoying a sandwich, some Veggie Stix, and a drink.

Now, before I tell my story, I have to say that, for some reason, my girlfriend thinks that I have a vendetta against squirrels. I don’t … when they’re not in my yard! LOL So, on with the story … back to the park!

Along comes Darryl. I’m not sure if that’s his real name. I didn’t ask. Darryl comes down out of a tree, saunters on over to my door and looks at me expectantly. So, I tossed him a veggie stick and he sat there contently munching on it. I had read that squirrels LOVE junk food. I figured that I’d give him a treat. He absolutely loved it. After he finished it, he looked up at me again. I tossed him another one, which he ate with great relish. Of course, after he finished, he “asked” for another. I obliged. Then, I decided that he’d had enough and I told him so. He just stared at me. Looking at him, I thought: He seems like a bold one and, knowing how high squirrels can jump, I decided to close my window and let him go on about his business … thinking that he’d just go back up the tree and find something else to do.

Nope! He went to the rear passenger side wheel well, climbed up in it and tried to figure out a way to get into the car! Having no luck there, he decided to try the front passenger side wheel! I heard quite a bit of scratching. Well, rather than allowing him to get into the engine, I started the car, back out slowly, and started to move to another spot, a couple of spaces down the way. He kept an eye on me and started to move that way. Well, since I didn’t have any more offerings, I just left!

I have enough trouble with squirrels “attacking” my feeders. I don’t need one infesting my car and riding home with me!

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