WordPress 2.5.1 upgrade

OK, I upgraded to the newest WordPress and, as usual, it didn’t go without a hitch. There was another conflict, with the same plugin as before, Similar Posts. I had to change from get_the_terms to get_the_terms_sp. Last time I upgraded, I had to change from get_terms to get_the_terms because WordPress defined a new method, get_terms. Now, I guess that they saw the conflict and decided to ‘fix’ it, causing me to have to change the name again. Why do I bother upgrading this software? What a headache it is sometimes. I guess that’s why I only upgrade about every 3rd or 4th upgrade.

Oh well. If you see anything amiss, please let me know!

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5.1 upgrade

  1. I guess, I was just lucky. The update to 2.5 worked just fine for me. But, hey, you’re a software developer – just take it as another challenge 😉

  2. You are braver than I – I have read enough to scare me about the lastest version of WP. I will update eventually, but having just gone through a theme change, I think I will wait for awhile until I have the temptation to tinker again.

  3. @Mark, one thing is for sure, it’ll be a LONG time before I upgrade WordPress again! A long time!!! This is the second upgrade that doesn’t seem to be worth it. Add to that, they completely changed the administration side. No thanks. I think that I’ll be old school for a while after this version is outdated!

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